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The Animation Module


PurgeTSS includes an Animation module to apply simple 2D Matrix animations and transformations to any element, an array of elements, or even to individual children of an element.

The Animation object describes the properties of an animation. It represents:

  • A single-phase animation with an end state
  • A multi-phase animation using the open, close and complete modifiers
  • Global states for children of a View using the children modifier

When the play method is called on a View, the View is animated from its current state to the state described by the Animation object. The properties that can be animated include the view's position, size, colors, transformation matrix and opacity. You can control the pace of the animation and timing with classes like duration-* or delay-*.

Available Methods

  • play, toggle: To animate an element, and array of elements and to individual children of an element with the properties in the Animation object.
  • apply: Applies the properties instantly without an animation
  • draggable: Convert any View or an array of Views to draggable elements

Available Modifiers

  • open:, close: and complete: To set different properties for each state
  • children: To set global propertie to all the children of a View
  • child: To set individual properties to each children of a View
  • bounds: To set boundaries in which the View can move within its parent View
  • drag:, drop: To set different properties when draging or dropping elements

Timing and other special classes

  • delay-*: To set a delay before the animation starts
  • duration-*: To set the duration of the animation
  • rotate-*: To set the rotation of the element
  • scale-*: To set the scaling of the element
  • repeat-*: To set the number of times the animation will be repeated
  • zoom-in-*, zoom-out-*: To set the zoom in or out of the element
  • drag-apply, drag-animate: To animate or to apply the properties when dragging elements
  • ease-in, ease-out, ease-linear, ease-in-out: To set the animation curve of the element
  • vertical-constraint, horizontal-constraint: Adds a vertical or horizontal constraint when dragging an element


Use the purgetss module command to install the module in the lib folder.

> purgetss module

# alias:
> purgetss m


This is the most basic Animation object, equipped with a set of PurgeTSS classes to animate any element. You can create as many Animation objects as you want, each with different properties to animate.

<Animation id="myAnimation" module="purgetss.ui" class="a-set-of-purgetss-classes" />

You can set any position, size, colors, transformation and opacity classes from tailwind.tss.