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The apply Method

  • Use the apply method when you need to immediately apply the properties and transformations to a view without any animation.

apply example

The apply method sets the properties instantly. In this example, the ScrollableView is rotated 90 degrees, and its content is counter-rotated -90 degrees to simulate a TikTok-like interface.

<Window class="exit-on-close-false keep-screen-on">
<ScrollableView id="scrollableView" class="overlay-enabled disable-bounce paging-control-alpha-100 scrolling-enabled show-paging-control paging-control-h-14 paging-control-on-top-false paging-control-transparent page-indicator-(rgba(0,0,0,0.24)) current-page-indicator-(rgba(0,0,0,1))">
<View class="bg-blue-500">
<Label class="text-center" text="View's Content" />

<View class="bg-red-500">
<Label class="text-center" text="View's Content" />

<View class="bg-green-500">
<Label class="text-center" text="View's Content" />

<Animation module="purgetss.ui" id="rotate" class="platform-wh-inverted rotate-90" />
<Animation module="purgetss.ui" id="counterRotate" class="platform-wh -rotate-90" />



TikTok Like Animations

* low framerate gif