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PurgeTSS serves as a valuable toolkit tailored to streamline the mobile app development journey for Titanium developers. By offering a range of user-friendly functionalities, including the ability to fine-tune utility classes, seamless integration of icon fonts, a foundational Animation module, a straightforward grid system, and the innovative 'shades' command for personalized color palettes, PurgeTSS aims to simplify the creation of visually captivating mobile applications.

Now, let's delve into the key features that make PurgeTSS a game-changer for developers:

  • Provides more than 21,000 Tailwind-like utility classes ready to use in your projects.
  • Creates a clean app.tss file with only the classes used in your project by parsing all your XML files.
  • You can customize any of the default classes via a simple configuration file, or create just-in-time classes with arbitrary values within your Views.
  • You can easily use icon fonts from Font Awesome, Material Icons, Material Symbols, and Framework7-Icons on Buttons and Labels.
  • Generates a fonts.tss file with all class definitions and fontFamily selectors for any icon, serif, sans-serif, italic, fancy, or monospace font.
  • Use the shades command to generate custom color shades from the given hex color to use in your projects. No need for a separate online tool.
  • Includes an Animation module to apply basic 2D Matrix animations or transform to any element or array of elements.
  • Includes a simple two-dimensional Grid System to align and distribute elements in your Views.

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